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Michael Urbano

Insurance Broker

License Number #20271104

Fun fact About Me

Hello and welcome!

Ithank you for stopping by! I'm a dedicated insurance broker with not just a passion for safeguarding futures, but a deep-rooted commitment to family and the simple joys in life. I'm blessed to have my wonderful father as my role model and mentor, still sharing his wisdom and laughter with us. I’m a family man at heart, cherishing every moment spent with my son Mikey, my beautiful wife Janelle, and our spirited Schnauzer, Rowdy. 

in my spare time, you can find me indulging in a bit of DIY tinkering around the house, a hobby that keeps me grounded and satisfied. Cooking is another passion of mine; it's where I blend flavors and moments into cherished family memories. And when the need for speed and freedom calls, my BMW motorcycle and I answer, exploring the open road with the wind as our companion.

I bring this same balance of care, dedication, and adventure to my work. Understanding that life is full of unexpected twists and turns, I'm here to ensure that your insurance solutions are as reliable and steadfast as the values I live by. Let’s navigate this journey together.

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Kindness is the thread that mends the worn fabric of our shared humanity, weaving a tapestry of care and compassion, ever-present like a steadfast shelter in life's unpredictable storms.

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