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Dillon Persinger

Insurance Broker

License Number #20026715


I'm a former 'washed-up' Major League Baseball player with the Cleveland Indians Organization and Alumni of the Fullerton Titans. My journey through baseball has been one of passion, teamwork, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Off the field, I bring the same dedication and spirit to all my endeavors.

Beyond the diamond, I cherish the time spent with those who matter most. My love for my friends and family runs deep, epitomized by moments like dancing the Congo line in sheer joy and embarking on unforgettable adventures to places like Disneyland with my girlfriend, Elana. These experiences are the fabric of my life, interwoven with the thrill of outdoor pursuits like hunting, where the serenity of places such as New Mexico has been a backdrop to some of my most cherished memories.

My journey is also shared with my loyal companion, Mia, whose spirited presence adds another layer of joy to my life. Together with my brother and sister's, Deano, Jazz, and Skye, we make a formidable team, facing life's adventures with enthusiasm and an unbreakable bond.

Through all of life's ups and downs, my commitment to my loved ones, my passions, and the pursuit of excellence remains unwavering. Welcome to a glimpse into my world, where the love for the game meets the love for life itself.

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Kindness is the thread that mends the worn fabric of our shared humanity, weaving a tapestry of care and compassion, ever-present like a steadfast shelter in life's unpredictable storms.

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